Turn your iPad into a hardcover book with eBook Jackets

Here’s another Kickstarter project that has made a name for itself by blowing past its funding goal. Out of Print’s eBook Jackets are essentially hard cover book cases for your iPad.

The cases are customizable, and comparatively inexpensive. So if you own an iPad, either second or third generation, and use it to read eBooks, you might want to check this out…

Out of Print started out as a novelty t-shirt company, putting iconic book covers on different types of shirts. But as you can see, they recently decided to take that idea and move into the world of tablet cases.

Their eBook Jackets are made from book board and cloth, the same thing used for making actual hard covers, and are hand assembled. The inner cradle is made of rubber, and consists of 30% recycled materials.

As aforementioned, Out of Print’s Kickstarter project is already well past its funding target, but if you’re interested, there’s still about a week left for you to get your order in before the price goes up. $45 gets you the iPad eBook Jacket of your choice, and if you happen to own a Nexus 7 or a Kindle Fire, Out of Print makes Jackets for those devices too.

We love the idea — being able to carry your tablet like a book, or with other books, while keeping it protected — but we feel that on the iPad, it’d be too bulky. However, it seems like it would be perfect for smaller slates, especially the rumored iPad mini.

What do you think of Out of Print’s eBook Jackets?