Verizon’s secret 20GB shared data plan

For the two largest wireless carriers in the US, unlimited plans are out. Verizon introduced its new shared data plans back in June of this year, and AT&T has quickly followed suit.

The removal of unlimited plans have left some power mobile users looking for alternative solutions. After all, Verizon’s shared data plans only go up to 10GB per month. Or do they?

Apparently, VZW has some secret plans for folks who need to consume more than 10GB of data per month. Computer World confirmed this with a Verizon Wireless spokesperson:

“The other tiers above the top 10GB one listed on the web site are 12GB for $110 a month, 14GB for $120 a month, 16GB for $130 a month, 18GB for $140 a month and 20GB for $150 a month, the spokeswoman told Computerworld today. The maximum that can be purchased in advance is 20 GB she added.

The Verizon Wireless spokeswoman, Brenda Raney, said the carrier has been offering the higher tiers of data to customers since June, mainly through customer service via phone or in its stores. The upper tiers were not posted with the original six tiers on the Verizon web site in order to keep the program simple and because “the majority of customers use under 2GB a month,” Raney said.”

Of course, the above prices get more expensive as you add more devices to them. But the data can be used in any capacity, whether it be via tablets, smartphones or hot spots.

Interestingly enough, AT&T also has a 20GB per month shared data plan. But at $200, it’s quite a bit more expensive. Hey, at least now you know that these options are available.