It looks like the Mars Curiosity rover isn’t the only thing landing on Mars this year.┬áRovio just took the lid off of its next major Angry Birds update, Angry Birds Space: Red Planet.

Earlier this year, Rovio took its popular franchise into outer-space, and within 12 hours it was the number one paid application in the App Store. But can lightning strike again?

Here’s the teaser clip:


Obviously, it being a teaser and all, the clip doesn’t give us much insight into what new additions Red Planet will bring. But judging by the bird’s shadow we get a glimpse of in the video, we get the feeling that it’s going to be more birds-flying-at-pigs action.

Some folks feel that the Angry Birds series, which surpassed the 1 billion download mark back in May, is getting a bit long in the tooth. And Rovio has heard those pleas for change, and recently announced that a new pig-based game was in the works.

Angry Birds Space: Red Planet is expected to land on iOS sometime this fall. But until then, you can find the current version of Angry Birds Space in the App Store for $.99.