Samsung to unveil new Galaxy device on August 15th

All eyes are on Apple this fall, as rumors of a revamped iPhone and an all-new iPad persist. If the speculation materializes, this October could bring one of the company’s biggest media events in recent memory.

And between now and then, don’t be surprised if the competition manages to steal the spotlight away with new produce releases and announcements. Samsung, in fact, is already making a move in that direction…

Engadget reports:

“We just received a “save the date” email from a Samsung US representative that revealed a new Galaxy device will be seeing the light of day on August 15th. We didn’t receive any details on what it could be, though this is most likely a US-bound device — the email says “please join Samsung Electronics America for a major announcement and unveiling of the new Galaxy device.”

The media invite doesn’t give away much information regarding the device, but the word “major” made our ears perk up. What could this be? A new phone? A new tablet?

A new handset is a possibility, though you’d think it unlikely considering that it’s only been a few months since Samsung unveiled its flagship Galaxy S III. And even the latest Nexus isn’t quite a year old.

The more likely scenario is that it’s a new tablet. Samsung doesn’t enjoy the same marketshare in tablets that it does in smartphones, and it’s undoubtedly looking to change that.

The question is, will it be a new 10-inch tablet, built to take the iPad head on? Or will it be of the 7-inch variety, aimed more at the Kindle Fire/Nexus 7 crowd? Honestly, either one of these scenarios makes sense.

Apple was already facing some pretty tough competition this fall, with new hardware expected from Windows Phone manufacturers, Motorola and HTC. Mix in this new device from Samsung, and that’s a lot of pressure for the company to deliver a hit.

What do you think the new Galaxy device could be?