Apple expected to announce record Q3 iPad sales

As we move closer to Apple’s Q3 2012 earnings call, predictions from analysts and pundits regarding the company’s performance over the three month period are starting to ramp up.

The latest round of predictions suggest that Apple had an extremely strong June quarter, bringing in more than $40 billion in revenue, and selling a record 21 million iPads…

According to Apple analyst Sammy The Walrus IV, the Cupertino company will announce record tablet sales of 21.3 million iPads for the previous quarter. The 130% year-over-year growth is likely the result of a number of factors, including the introduction of a new model, the price reduction on the iPad 2, and Apple’s agressive international rollout.

Here are some of Sammy’s other predictions:

  • $41.3 billion in revenue
  • 4.7 million Macs sold
  • 6.6 million iPods sold
  • 29.5 million iPhones sold

This would mean that iPad and Mac sales, as well as Apple’s revenue would all be up from the previous quarter. iPod and iPhone sales, however, would be down considerably.

Lower iPhone sales make sense considering that the handset is nearing the end of its one-year life cycle, and a new model is expected to appear in the next few months. And the 1 million unit drop in iPod sales also seems feasible, as it’s been almost two years since any of the models have received any attention. It’ll be interesting to see what, if anything, Apple has planned for the line in the fall.

Investors must be confident that Apple is going to report big numbers, as the company’s stock price climbed up past $600 again last week for the first time in months. We shall see.

The Q3 earnings call is slated to start at 5:00 PM EST on Tuesday, July 24th. And, as usual, we’ll be reporting back with any and all important announcements.