Celebrating our 1,000th video

Late last night I had the privilege of posting our 1,000th YouTube video. I’ve been creating videos for iDownloadBlog for almost two years now, and it’s been an insanely rewarding and invigorating journey.

Oddly enough, doing video walkthroughs started off as just a test, something to spice things up every now and then at most. I never had the intentions of doing this to any great degree, let alone full time. To tell the truth, it was your kind feedback and helpful suggestions that made me want to keep going.

Of course, we started off small in our endeavors. In fact, some of the earliest creations were downright terrible in my opinion, both from a image quality and sound perpective. Despite these early hiccups, you, the viewers, have stuck with us from the beginning until now, and for that we want to thank you.

To celebrate video number 1,000, I’ve put together a special montage of some of my favorite moments from the last year and a half. Granted, this represents only a smidgen of what I’d like to share, but due to time I had to be realistic and limit the amount of content included.

What’s been your favorite video moment thus far? We invite you inside to watch and to share your thoughts…


I don’t want to make it sound like this post is bringing everything to a conclusion. On the contrary; the ride has just started and we have some amazing things planned for you in the future. Thank you for being loyal iDownloadBlog readers and viewers, and stay tuned. Again, please share your thoughts in the comments below.