SportsYapper: finally, a social network for sports fans

Watching sports — even for the most diehard enthusiast — is always more fun with fellow fans around. You can talk coaching decisions, argue over penalties, and relive highlight plays. But what do you do if no one’s around?

Take to Twitter is the obvious answer. But it’s tough to keep a conversation going with other sports fans in between non-sports tweets, in 140 character increments. So the folks at Yapp Media came up with SportsYapper…

SportsYapper is essentially a social network built for sports fans. It’s a lot like Twitter. Users chat in real-time with one another about current and past sporting events via “Yapps,” which are a lot like Tweets. Except they have a 300 character limit.

These updates, from all users, show up in the ‘All Yapps’ section. But they can be filtered down in a number of ways. You can view Yapps by team, sport (nearly every sport you can think of is covered), or the people you follow. And all of this is fairly easy to discover from within the application.

SportsYapper’s only caveat is that it’s fairly new. There aren’t a huge number of users yet, and the app’s design is kind of tacky. But these things will likely be fixed over time.

So if you’re a sports fan, looking to chat with other sports fans, we still recommend that you check it out. As usual, you can grab SportsYapper from the App Store, for free.

What do you think? Good idea/bad idea?