Launch Center Pro now available for iPhone

Launch Center Pro hit the App Store with a splash today, receiving rave reviews from several outlets. The app is the encore to App Cubby’s Launch Center, which debuted back in 2011.

Though it’s received a significant makeover, the app itself has maintained its premise. Which is to give power users a more efficient way to launch apps and perform actions in iOS…

Think of it like a customizable speed dial for your most commonly used apps and functions. Create shortcuts to call or text a contact, launch an application, or toggle device settings, all from within the application.

You can even set Group shortcuts, which look particularly useful for shortening sequences. This allows you to setup a group of actions that appear whenever you hold down on a shortcut icon. For example:

Say you create a Group for your spouse. Holding down on the Spouse icon will reveal several options like: Call Spouse, Text Spouse, or Locate Spouse, using Find My Friends. And of course there are many, many other options.

The purpose of this app is to really minimize the amount of taps it takes you to perform everyday tasks. And it succeeds. It seems like the perfect “tweak” for non-jailbreakers.

If you want to check out Launch Center Pro, it’s available in the App Store for $2.99

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