Virtual keyboard in iOS 6 now finally capitalizes after quotes and emoji

Here’s another small but useful tweak in iOS 6 which went under our radar: the virtual keyboard is now clever enough to capitalize after quotes and emoji.

Previously, when you started or ended a quote or ended your sentence with emoji followed by a period, the keyboard wouldn’t switch to capitals.

iOS 6 tweaks its virtual keyboard’s behavior, now capitalizing after quotes and emojis, just as you’d expect…

Killian Bell over at Cult of Mac spotted this minor, but surely welcome change:

When you start or end a quote in iOS 6, the keyboard automatically switches to capital letters after the first and last quotation marks – you no longer need to hit shift and do it manually.

Furthermore, if you add emoji after a sentence and you ended that sentence with a period, the keyboard will switch to capitals here, too.

Though some of you won’t bother, to me this is another welcome feature in the already strong arsenal of auto-correct keyboard features in iOS.

Usually when I’m typing my iMessages, text messages, email messages and whatever other form of quick communication you can think of, I pay attention to my punctuation and grammar as if I were writing a blog post.

iOS 6 also bring an array of new emojis. For the full run-down of all little and big new features in iOS 6, check out Cody’s quick overview of everything that’s new in iOS 6.

So, how do you like this little nice-to-have?