New iOS 6 3D Maps ported to iPhone 4

With its in-house mapping solution in iOS 6, Apple basically pulled a Siri in that folks in Cupertino have limited this headline feature to the iPhone 4S and iPad 2 or later (full iOS 6 device compatibility list is here). Now, I realize graphics-intensive 3D Flyovers require A5-enabled devices. But turn-by-turn? Seriously, Apple?

Worry not, those crazy Russian hackers have cracked the code to run the new iOS 6 Maps on the iPhone 4, complete with 3D Flyovers and turn-by-turn navigation – without even using Cydia…

There are some caveats.

For starters, turn-by-turn navigation is implemented sketchily, at best.

Secondly, the hack needs some work as a whole as it feels incomplete and rushed out.

And thirdly, you’ll have to rely on a poorly machine-translated version of the instructions on how to install iOS 6 Maps on your iPhone 4, unless you speak Russian.

The full guide is available on the Russian website iGuides, which gets the kudos for sticking it to Apple and their tendency to fragment the iOS hardware with exclusive features.

With that off our backs, here’s a three-dimensional Flyover view in Maps running on an iPhone 4.


Take that, Apple!


Wow, hip-hop addict much?

The jailbreak community could be already work on a fully functional Cydia hack for this and I have a hunch it’s going to be pretty popular.

Are you aggravated that Apple with iOS 6 Maps left out older-generation hardware?