HTC vows to fill its patent vault to aid its battle with Apple

Once was a time when companies would do battle at the tills, but those days are now long gone. Nowadays however, it seems battles in the courtroom are much more commonplace than good old product lines butting heads, fighting it out for the customer’s hard earned money.

HTC, in the middle of a legal spat with iPhone maker Apple, is about to take to the patent office in order to gain the upper hand over the company that is also going after the likes of Samsung.

The news that HTC will be fleshing out its patent portfolio comes after chairwoman Cher Wang vowed that the company would file more patents for its technology in order to protect itself from Apple’s own legal shenanigans…

Clearly aware of Apple’s undoubted might, Wang confirmed that HTC would seek to build its own collection of patents in order to put itself in as strong a position as possible when dealing with one of America’s most powerful companies.

“In the United States particularly, [Apple] will be able to stop us by all means. This is our challenge. But we are not afraid of challenges because we have innovations. We will apply for patents in different fields, and we will also purchase different kinds of patents, such as those owned by S3 Graphics Co.”

The purchase of S3 will no doubt help HTC to its goal of getting its hands on as many patents as possible, and Apple will need to have an appetite for a fight if it is to continue its assault on just about everyone that is audacious enough to try and make a business out of selling smartphones.

We suspect Apple will be happy to carry on.