Apple announces iOS 6, the world’s most advanced mobile operating system

Here we are monitoring the WWDC keynote where Apple’s iOS chief SCott Forstall just announced iOS 6, as previously confirmed on WWDC banners. It comes with over 200 new features, including some Siri-ous advancement to Apple’s digital secretary which can now tell you sports scores, for example…

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So Siri learned a bit about movies, sport scores and and restaurants and now features a tighter integration with third-party services.

For example, asking “”What movies are playing at the Metreon?” produces a full listing via Rotten Tomatoes and you can even tap a movie to watch a trailer in-line, without being launched into another app.

It learned also a lot about your apps so you can tell her, say, to launch Temple Run to begin playing the game without having to find the right icon on your home screen.

Image via Engadget

Some interesting highlights:

In-car integration is also better.

Hands-free allows you to keep your hands on the steering wheel while you’re using your phone. We want to integrate Siri even better in the car.

What does it mean?

Well, this.

Yes, Apple’s partnering with car manufacturers to provide a dedicated Siri button.

They call it Eyes Free.

Siri is also coming to the iPad.

• Apple sold 365 million iOS devices through March
• a cool 80 percent of users are on iOS 5 versus just seven percent of Android users on Ice Cream Sandwich
• there are now over 140 million users on iMessage
• 150 billion iMessages have been sent
• more than a billion iMessages now get sent each day
• Twitter saw a triple three times increase in the number of iOS sign ups since iOS 5
• users have sent ten billion tweets from iOS 5 devices
• an astounding 47 percent of all images shared on Twitter come from iOS 5 users
• GameCenter now has 130 million accounts, with five billion scores and 67 of the top 100 games supporting the service
• iOS user satisfaction score is more than 75 percent versus less than 50 percent for Android

Apple also refreshed their entire Mac notebook lineup, having added a next-generation MacBook Pro model to the mix featuring a stunning Retina display with a whopping four times the resolution of the previous model clocking in at 2880-by-1800 pixels at 220ppi.