Analyst: iTV to sport iPad-like touchscreen remote and motion detection

An analyst wrote in a research note today, based on his supply chain checks, that he expected Apple’s rumored television set to feature a Kinect-like motion sensing and a new kind of remote that resembles the iPad and relies heavily on touch gestures.

He also believes Apple will launch an iPad mini in September, alongside the next iPhone…

Topeka Capital Markets analyst Brian White recently visited major supply chain players during his visit to Taiwan’s Computex trade show.

Based on his talks with industry players, White wrote in a research note to clients that a rumored Apple-branded television set could tap several forms of interaction, including motion sensing and a touch-enabled remote control bearing some resemblance to the iPad.

According to MacRumors, which relayed the note, White wrote:

Regarding Apple TV, the data points during our trip indicate the Company will use a special type of motion detection technology on future full blown Apple TV that we expect to be unveiled within the next couple of quarters, rather than touch technology.

This sounds a lot like the motion capabilities of Microsoft’s popular Kinect controller for the Xbox console.

Note that Cult of Mac recently heard from its sources basically the same thing, saying the “interface will rely heavily on motion and touch controls”, although the publication went on to claim that Apple’s motion sensing technology will be also heavily used for Kinect-like games.

As for the remote control, White noted:

Also, our contacts indicate a unique remote control with a touch panel form factor that looks similar to the iPad would be used to control the device. The bezel is expected to be a plastic composition, rather than the aluminum unibody exterior that surrounds the MacBook Air.

This, too, sounds familiar as Apple’s recently been grated a detailed patent for a touch-enabled remote.

Despite a flurry of rumors, Cupertino is not expected to unveil an HD TV set during the WWDC keynote, which begins in less than three hours.

While Apple could be prototyping a full-blown TV set, the company may have put the product on an indefinite hold.

Here’s our comprehensive roundup of what to look forward to from today’s event.

What’s your call?

Will Apple today even remotely mention that it’s working on a television set?