Rumor: App Store, iTunes Store and iBookstore getting facelift and Facebook integration

Corroborating iDB’s scoop that all Apple’s apps which ship with iOS software are about to get a major overhaul in iOS 6, the latest chatter in the rumor mill now has it that Apple at WWDC is launching redesigned front-ends for the App Store, iTunes Store and iBookstore.

As for the new look, you can probably expect the App Store, iTunes Store and iBookstore apps to adopt that sexier silver appearance.

But wait, there’s more to this redesign than meets the eye…

Blogger Mark Gurman details his findings over at 9to5Mac, based on “sources familiar with Apple’s upcoming iOS 6 mobile software offering”:

The overhauls are said to be major and they focus on improved interactivity when making purchases in iTunes, the App Store, and the iBookstore.

Furthermore, “Apple is still planning to roll out complementary store redesigns for computers later this year”, Gurman reports.

And as Apple becomes more social, social is said to be “a big piece of the store overhauls”, the author writes.

Specifically, Facebook integration is said to be tested in the iTunes Store.

Just a bit earlier today, MG Siegler reported for TechCrunch that Apple is finally readying system-wide Facebook integration, a headline new feature in iOS 6 designed to help people share content with Facebook friends without ever leaving their apps.

Unfortunately, Gurman writes, better discoverability is not in the cards yet, at least not in time for an announcement at the  WWDC keynote June 11.

Apple in February acquired Chomp for an undisclosed sum, a startup focused on app discovery that became popular shortly following its launch in 2009.

The iPhone maker sometimes snaps up smaller companies for their engineering talent and technologies.

Apple is widely expected to tap Chomp’s app search and discovery platform to improve content discoverability at a later stage.