Siri by the numbers: interesting stats about Apple’s assistant

Ever since Apple unveiled Siri at its iPhone 4S media event last fall, the digital assistant has remained in the spotlight. Whether it’s celebrity-laden TV spots or class-action lawsuits, it seems like it’s always making headlines.

But some would argue that Siri is more of a black eye for Apple than an accomplishment. It’s spent the last 9 months in beta, its location services still aren’t available abroad, and its functionality in general is still super limited.

In fact, is anyone even using the feature anymore? Infographic time!

The folks over at t3n News just published a sizable infographic that is loaded with interesting facts and stats on Apple’s digital assistant. Check it out:

As WWDC approaches, and the unveiling of iOS 6 draws near, you have to wonder if Apple has anything planned for Siri. Will it receive performance enhancements? Third-party API acces? Where will the feature be in two years?