Switchy adds improvements to the iPhone’s App Switcher

The iPhone’s App Switcher has gotten a bit long in the tooth, but if you’re a jailbreaker, there’s no shortage of tweaks that can help improve the app switching experience.

Switchy is the latest tweak to do that, and it’s based on a concept design created by Brent Caswell. Caswell’s beef with the current App Switcher stems from the fact that it takes up too much real estate, while providing minimal functionality.

Going into the concept, he apparently had no idea that a Cydia developer would turn his work into reality, but a few days later and Switchy lives. That’s evident of how awesome the jailbreak community can be when it works together to implement new ideas…


Switchy implements the basic features of Caswell’s concept, but it’s still missing some of the more notable features like a Spotlight search bar, Pandora buttons, service toggles, etc.

It’s a great start that looks largely like the concept posted on The Verge forums, but it doesn’t pack the punch that it could, due to the missing features.

I’m not convinced that Switchy is worth $1.00 at this point, but you be the judge after taking a look at our video walkthrough.

What do you think?