iPhone tops another customer satisfaction survey

Even though the Android platform sits on top of several major smartphone categories — marketshare, hardware specs, etc. — there’s one list that it can’t seem to climb: customer satisfaction. That particular stat belongs to iOS.

The iPhone has taken home more than 6 J.D. Power Satisfaction awards, and countless other smaller surveys. And it just added another notch to its belt, coming in first in the latest American Customer Satisfaction Index report…

ACSI recently released a new report regarding customer satisfaction with cell phone manufacturers and wireless carriers. And surprise surprise, Apple’s popular smartphone took home the gold, scoring a staggering 83 out of 100.

“At 83, Apple’s iPhone is a game changer when it comes to customer satisfaction. No other cell phone company has ever broken into the 80s. Apple’s nearest competitors this year three companies tied at 75: Nokia (+3%) and ACSI newcomers LG and HTC.”

On the other end of the spectrum is Research In Motion, makers of the BlackBerry handsets. The Canadian company, who’s stock recently hit a 10-year low amidst terrible device sales and other problems, came in dead last with a score of 69.

The bottom line here is that Apple is still winning in perhaps one of the most important categories in the smartphone-making business. Because if customers don’t like your products, then they more than likely won’t buy your products.

Do you agree with these numbers?

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