Apple bringing Reminders and Notes web apps to iCloud?

Are you a developer? Have you visited the beta login page recently? In case you missed it, two new icons appeared at a beta login page for briefly before Apple took the beta page down. This clearly suggests Apple is working on bringing Notes and Reminders web apps to iCloud.

Folks also discovered references to an upcoming iOS 6 beta in the code strings for this iCloud beta page.

As we told you last week, Apple could be bringing iOS and Mac Notifications to the iCloud website. So it all makes sense now: Reminders and Notes apps, which are now available on iOS devices and are coming to Macs with Mountain Lion installed later this summer, will also be replicated on the iCloud web site along with web notifications.

Let’s hope Apple will take the resulting notifications conundrum seriously…

Okay, the login page only briefly showed the Notes and Reminders web app icons.

But don’t take my word for it: Developer Steve Troughton-Smith first spotted this change on the iCloud login page and tweeted about it. As you can see on the image above, two new icons for the Reminders and Notes web apps appeared briefly on the login page.

For comparison, this is what the iCloud login page used to look like.

iOS designer Tom Klaver discovered a string in Javascript code (via 9to5Mac) proving that the new iCloud login page will require an iOS 6 device:

To use, first sign in to iCloud with the iOS 6 Beta

It would only make sense for Apple to bring additional apps that ship with iOS and feature iCloud integration so this hardly comes as a surprise. Also, this:


By the way, did you try rolling your mouse cursor over the login page?

I just love those subtle tweaks.

So, Notes and Reminders web apps – a welcome addition, don’t you think?