Lost Steve Jobs interview returning to the silver screen on May 11

As we previously reported, Steve Jobs: The Lost Interview hit nineteen Landmark Theaters last November. For those who missed this intriguing documentary, Magnolia Pictures will do another limited run in nineteen cities beginning May 11.

This documentary is based on the recently retrieved 70-minute interview between Steve Jobs and Robert Cringely for a 1996 PBS documentary entitled Triumph of the Nerds: The Rise of Accidental Empires

Steve Jobs: The Lost Interview will also be released on DVD this summer, Magnolia Pictures confirmed. As I’ve long stopped enjoying movies on physical media, I’m holding my breath for a digital release on iTunes as well.

The documentary includes well-known quotes such as Jobs’ disdain for Microsoft (“the only problem with Microsoft is they just have no taste”) and his take on former Apple CEO John Sculley.


However, the tapes also contain a wealth of never-before-seen material spanning Jobs’ NeXT adventure and his return from exile and a handful of tidbits providing insight into Jobs’ thinking on what the future holds in terms of technology.


Two more movies about Steve Jobs are scheduled for release this year, one independently produced and starring Ashton Kutcher and the other by Sony, based on Walter Isaacson’s authorized bio book.

Did you see Steve Jobs: The Lost Interview already?

Plan on watching it?