Lost Steve Jobs Interview Heading to Theaters This Month

Like many great historical figures, Steve Jobs seems to be even more popular after his passing. Not only is his recently released book selling like crazy, but the late Apple co-founder has been at the forefront of news stories for weeks.

There is even a movie slated to come out later this month starring the iPhone creator. “Steve Jobs: The Lost Interview” is on its way to 19 Landmark Theaters across the nation starting November 16…

The movie is essentially a 70 minute conversation between Steve Jobs and Robert Cringely for a 1996 documentary entitled “Triumph of the Nerds: The Rise of Accidental Empires.” The show spotlighted the personal computer industry and the fast-growing Silicon Valley.

Here’s an excerpt from the interview:


According to the Los Angeles Times, Cringley lost the footage after the show wrapped. And since only 10 minutes of the conversation was used in the televisions series, he thought that the rest of his epic conversation with Jobs would never be heard.

But recently a VHS of the missing footage turned up in the garage of the show’s director — and thus the movie was born. Landmark agreed to show the interview in its entirety in 19 US cities, including Jobs’ home town of Palo Alto, for a limited time.

Would you go see the movie?

[Cult of Mac]