Thieves beware: this iPhone will self-destruct in 5 seconds

In the world of iPhone rumors, things tend to get a tad ridiculous at times. In fact, if we were to believe some of the reports we’ve heard, Apple’s next smartphone will have a 5-inch screen and be machined from liquid metal.

Well the folks over at AatmaStudio, known for their powerful Apple product concepts, have taken ridiculous to the next level. Check out their vision for the next iPhone, and its cool self-destructing remote-wipe feature…


Obviously, there’s no way Apple would ever implement such a feature. If folks made a big deal about the new iPad getting a tiny bit warm, we can’t imagine how they’d react to a new remote wipe feature that involved explosions and glass.

Nevertheless, we have to admit the video looks good. These guys are obviously talented. And if we ever found ourselves storing information on our iPhones pertaining to national security, we’d probably contract them to help us build the real thing.

What did you think of the video?