Research finds that iOS users are far more active than Android users

Chitika, an ad network whose reach spans across more than 100,000 websites, is out with a new report this weekend regarding mobile platform usage. The firm has been tracking real-time activity on its network over the last 24 hours, and the results are pretty interesting.

Despite Android devices garnering close to 50% of the smartphone market, Chitika found that iOS seems to be the mobile OS of choice among its users. Here in the US, at least, devices running Apple’s operating system accounted for nearly 70% of recent activity…

Of that 70% (68% to be exact), iPads were the most popular, with around 45%. iPhones accounted for 15%. And iPods made up just under 10%. To put these numbers in perspective, Android devices were only responsible for 28% of mobile activity.

Devices in the “other” category — made up of Windows Phone, BlackBerry, etc. — only accounted for 19% of traffic. This accurately reflects the current state of the mobile landscape, as both RIM and Windows Phone manufacturers struggle to snag marketshare.

While these may seem like boring statistics to most people, this data is invaluable to mobile advertisers. These companies want to target the users that are most likely to be surfing the web on their devices. And according to this report, that’s iOS users.

Do Android users not use their devices to surf the web?