Request anyone’s location, regardless of device, with Space-time for iOS

TheNextWeb points to an interesting new application called Space-time. The software allows you to see the location of almost anyone, regardless of their device, as long as they have a smartphone with a GPS locator.

Of course, the iPhone already has a friend-tracking solution in Find My Friends. But it only works if you are trying to locate a person using an iOS device with the app installed. Space-time is much more universal…

Here’s how it works: inside the app is a button labeled ‘Request Someone’s Location.’ Tapping it will bring up your Contacts list, allowing you to chose a person to locate. It then sends a text message to that person with a hyperlink.

If the person taps the hyperlink, which is clearly identified as a GPS-tracking link, you’ll have their location within seconds. You can even launch Google Maps from within the application to get turn-by-turn directions to where they’re at.

The number of possible uses for this app are practically endless — locating a friend with car trouble, meeting family members at a restaurant, etc. And the price is definitely right. You can grab Space-time from the App Store for free.

What do you think of Space-time? Useful?