Awesome Calendar: when you can do it all, anything’s possible

Yunasoft’s new productivity/utility entry in the iTunes App Store, Awesome Calendar, boasts big about its capabilities. As well it should. After all, one of the first things smartphones were supposed to do, and do well, was help us balance busy schedules.  Time management apps have to go the extra mile to impress us, and the all-in-one tool Awesome Calendar looks like it might just outpace the competition.

Feature set meets interface is the name of the game when multifunctional is the main requirement, and Awesome Calendar does a beautiful job of marrying the two. Its calendar, notepad, and to-do list modules work in concert to bring users lives into productive harmony.  Each of these aspects feature some extra functionality to make them shine, with Awesome Calendar’s superior design balancing form and function along the way…

While the individual functions that the iPhone is capable of carrying out to help us balance busy schedules are impressive, UI can make or break the user experience, no matter how many of those fantastic features are combined in one app. Awesome Calendar’s user interface does a great job paving the way for users to actually utilize each and every one of its functions quickly and conveniently. Not to mention, it looks good while it gets the job done.

Awesome Calendar is sleek and spare, without once giving the impression of being minimalistic, because its UI aims for unobtrusive. Intuitive swipes and taps make navigation a breeze, while additional gestures can fine tune the user’s efficiency. And, be still my heart, this app actually includes a user manual. No doubt many functionally impressive apps get dismissed because they don’t. It’s simple common sense, but something that seems to get left out more often than not.

Awesome Calendar is multi functional in the best sense of the word: not only does it have a menu of fantastic features, but accessing and using them is easy, fun, and convenient. The devs behind this app have focused on the fact that for an all-in-one tool to actually work, users need to feel comfortable using all of it. And what kind of goodies have they packed into this appealing interface? Well, all kinds.

The notepad, for example, includes integrating photos with the notes. Now, if you’re thinking you don’t have much use for that, hang on. The truly awesome part about that is that if you find it necessary for some reason to write down a physical note on paper, adding it to your main time management later without typing it out again is simple.

The to-do list links to the calendar, and displays its percentage completed on the due date. Working on a month long project? Making sure you’re on track by glancing at your calendar is easy.

The calendar function is the jewel in Awesome Calendar’s crown. Calendar sync with Google calendar, a holiday calendar layover that allows you to choose from 35 different countries for your special days, and multi calendar management that makes integrating your online calendar, school calendar, work schedule — whatever — brings everything together gorgeously.

And speaking of gorgeous, Awesome Calendar’s looks are as impressive as its performance. Clean, crisp design that speaks to professionalism while giving users some functional fun in the form of adorable virtual stickers makes even the most hectic schedule a pleasure to keep up with. Awesome Calendar can’t do much about your boss’s slave driver personality but it can help you keep your cool under pressure though.

The good:

  • Beautiful UI
  • Many features packed into 1 app
  • Multi Calendars

The bad:

  • Minimal Instructions
  • Syncing with Google Calendar was hard to figure out

It’s in the App Store for only $2.99 or you can try out the lite version to see if that’s the right app for you.