Apple forced to pay $7,500 over firebug iPod nano

Remember those 1st generation iPod nanos that Apple recalled recently? You know, the ones that were prone to overheating and, in extreme cases, catching fire? It turns out Apple didn’t quite get them exchanged quickly enough.

A Japanese judge has ruled in favor of a couple from Tokyo who were unfortunate enough to own an original iPod nano, purchased in 2005. Five years later, the device was found to be getting unusually warm during charging and, once in the hands of a poor Japanese lady, burst into flames.

The result was badly burned hands which took a month to heal, and a court case which resulted in Apple being asked to cough up some cash by way of compensation…

The judge has ordered Apple to hand over¬†¬•600,000 (about $7,425) to pay for the couple’s medical expenses and by way of an apology. There is currently no word as to whether Apple Japan plans to appeal the judgement, but considering the fact it has basically admitted a fault by issuing a recall, we don’t see any real reason for an appeal to take place. Throw in the fact that Apple probably has $7,500 down the back of the sofas in its lobby, then we hope it does not decide to push back over this one.

Have any of you had an original iPod nano, or anything else for that matter, overheat and catch fire?