Hate Home screen badges? Take a look at this

Do you harbor an abnormal amount of hatred for the notification badges that litter your iPhone’s Home screen? If so, then perhaps these new jailbreak apps will satisfy your craving for badge destruction.

No AppStore Badges, No Cydia Badges, and OTA Begone are three new jailbreak apps that will help eliminate notification badges. But as you’ll come to understand, it doesn’t make sense to install any of these if your aim is to simply eliminate all badges.

There’s something much better already available in Cydia from a well respected developer. Check inside for the full details…


You see, not only are these three apps overkill; there already exists a tweak called No Badges that does everything these three do without “uglifying” your Home screen.

Don’t do it folks; install No Badges instead and thank me later. No Badges can be downloaded for free from Cydia’s BigBoss repo, and it comes from chpwn — a well respected jailbreak developer.