Half of all US households own at least one Apple product

Apple’s numbers certainly make it look like it’s sitting on top of the electronics world. But to figure out how popular the company really is, you have to look at who’s buying its products, and how many they’re buying. And that’s exactly what CNBC did.

According to its recent All-America Economic survey, 50% of all US households own at least one Apple product. That equates to more than 55 million homes that have at least one iPhone, iPad, iPod, or Mac computer. But wait, there’s more…

“But Apple doesn’t have to worry about brand saturation any time soon. Americans don’t stop with just one device. Homes that own at least on Apple product, own an average of three. Overall, the average household has has 1.6 Apple devices, with almost one-quarter planning to buy at least one more in the next year.”

The survey found the typical Apple buyer to be male, college-educated, and younger. In fact, 63% of the people in both the 18-34 and 35-49 age groups consider themselves Apple users. But it’s not just kids using iPhones and iPads.

50 percent of the 50-64 group also consider themselves Apple users. And 26% of the 65 and up age group feel the same way. That’s pretty remarkable considering that folks in these age ranges aren’t typically known for their tech-savviness.

Other than age, there appears to be other factors at play. For example, 77% of people who own more than 1 Apple product make an average of $70,000 per year. And households with kids are more likely to own Apple products than those without.

The interesting thing here is that a lot of folks still view Apple products as high-end, expensive electronics. But with iPods starting at $49, iPhones starting at $99, and iPads starting at $399, that’s just really not the case anymore.

What Apple products do you own?