Three different iPad (3rd generation) jailbreaks surface on launch day

As if one jailbreak wasn’t enough, now there has been confirmation that not one, not two, but three different 3rd generation iPad jailbreaks have been confirmed by hackers MuscleNerd, i0nic, and chpwn respectively.

It’s only a matter of time before one or more of these jailbreaks make their way to a toolset that the average person can utilize.

Chpwn is the latest hacker to join the new 3rd generation iPad jailbreak party, as he posted photos on Twitter confirming his success…

It looks like the new iPad won’t be in jail for too much longer. We can’t wait to see how the jailbreak developers take advantage of the iPad’s new Retina display and various other features.

If there was only one guy holding the ace card, that would be one thing. But when three different people have three different jailbreaks, I’d say that bodes well for one of them being released in the very near future.

What do you think?