How to activate hidden debug settings in iOS

There are a couple of a reasons why someone would want to activate the hidden debug settings in iOS. Perhaps you’re a budding hacker or developer, and are looking for more elements in iOS to tinker with.

Or maybe you don’t know about any of that stuff and you just want to do it to further “hack” your device. Regardless of why you want want to do it, the real question is: how do you do it? Keep reading and we’ll show you…

This tutorial comes courtesy of Chronic Dev Team founder and well-known hacker/developer Chronic. He published the guide to his blog, Chronic Wire, earlier this morning, so we figured we would pass it on to you.

There’s not much to it really. All you have to do is visit each of these links below from your iOS device and tap ‘Install’ when prompted. The diagnostic settings will show up in their respective tabs in the Settings app.

And you don’t even have to be jailbroken.

The only way we’re aware of to view the logs is through Xcode, Apple’s development software for iOS apps. But we’re sure you could locate them through some type of file browser as well.

To delete the debug settings, simply open the Settings application on your device, tap General and then select the Profiles tab.