Steve Jobs biographer admits he left out details about Apple TV set

When Walter Isaacson released his biography on Steve Jobs last fall, we were able to get a few tidbits on Steve Jobs’ vision for the next Apple TV set. It was said that Apple’s late co-founder had “finally cracked” the code to create the television everyone has been waiting for.

Isaacson recently sat down with a Portuguese TV network to talk about his latest biography. As noted by The Next Web, Issacson revealed he left out several details Steve Jobs gave about the company’s next Apple TV…

[Isaacson] says that he left it out of the book “because Apple hadn’t yet done it and I thought that, maybe, that was unfair to Apple before they produce the TV…reporting what Steve thought it should be.


It makes sense that Isaacson would hold back some information to respect Jobs and Apple. The new revolutionary TV out of Apple is rumored to be launching next year, with Siri-like voice control and more integrated options.

Isaacson also revealed in the interview that he plans to write a new book about the history of the ‘entire digital revolution’.

What do you think Apple’s new Apple TV will be? Note, this isn’t about the third-generation $99 Apple TV that’s rumored to be announced tomorrow.