Amazon paying top dollar for old iPads right now

Unless something totally unexpected happens, Apple is going to unveil a new tablet tomorrow. And if the past is any indication, it will become available for purchase within the next week or so.

That gives those of you still looking to sell off your old tablets to help pay for a new one, plenty of time to find the best deal. And word on the street is, you might want to check out Amazon…

As noted by Wired, Amazon is offering “surprisingly high bounties” for used iPads right now.

“It’s not often publicized, but Amazon does a brisk business in buying and selling used media and electronics. As at press time, Amazon’s parter merchants were offering as much as $500 for a like-new iPad 2 with 3G or $320 for a first-gen iPad, depending on features and conditions.”

We can confirm that these prices are still currently valid. And if you act now, you could get as much as $150 more for your old tablet on Amazon as you could on eBay. Or $250 more than you would get from a standalone trade-in service like Gazelle.

There is one major caveat, however. Amazon appears to be offering store credit only for tablet buy-backs, not cash. But if that doesn’t bother you, you should definitely check out the online retailer before shopping your old iPad around anywhere else.

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