Survey finds 42% of iPad owners are ready to buy an iPad 3

The iPad 3 has been amongst all of the recent talk, and unsurprisingly, customers are getting excited for the latest tablet out of Cupertino. And why shouldn’t they? We’ve been hearing the iPad 3 will feature a stunning Retina display, larger battery, LTE, upgraded cameras, Siri, and a quad-core processor. What’s not to love?

According to a new study conducted by shopping site PriceGrabber, 42% of current iPad owners are planning to buy the iPad 3

The site conducted the study over 1,829 persons, and not only did they find out that 42% of current iPad owners plan to buy the iPad 3, but also got to hear what the customers would like to see out of the tablet.

  • 54% indicated cost reduction
  • 53% indicated better battery
  • 49% indicated SD card to store data
  • 44% indicated better camera with flash
  • 44% indicated new A6 processor
  • 41% indicated built-in HDMI port
  • 36% indicated wireless synchronization facility

You can go ahead and rule out the built-in HDMI port and SD card for storing data. Apple already uses its AirPlay technology to display media on a larger screen over the Apple TV, and uses iCloud for storing data. Also besides the cost reduction, the rest of what the studied customers asked for should be included in the tablet — at least according to the recent rumors.

Apple will most likely get most of its sales from new tablet owners and owners of the original iPad. It will be almost two years now since the original iPad was released, leaving those early iPad customers ready for a better tablet.

When the surveyed customers were asked when they plan to purchase the iPad 3:

  • 39% indicated before the end of 2012
  • 30% said within the first year of its release
  • 20% said within the first month of its release
  • 11% said within the first week of its release

The iPad 3 should be a hot sale for Apple this year. Analysts have predicted Apple would be selling its 100 millionth iPad in 2012, which would be a notable feat. Being the number one tablet manufacturer worldwide, Apple sold a whopping 15 million iPads last quarter.

Apple is set to announce the iPad 3 at an event in San Francisco on March 7th.

Do you plan to purchase the iPad 3?

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