New Apple TV shipping March 8th?

Apple TV in Hand

Rumors have been circling around over the past few weeks that a new Apple TV is on its way from Apple. Specifically, a report indicated that the third-generation Apple TV will be announced at Apple’s media event in California, March 7th.

Today, that rumor seems to gain credibility as MacTrast discovered perhaps the shipping date for the new Apple TV, leaked unintentionally by Apple on its website. While trying to order a new Apple TV, the publication found that the current generation is out of stock, and the earliest shipping date for is March 8th…

As you can see, the order page for the Apple TV says “Delivers March 8th”. Today’s rumor could indicate that a new Apple TV will be announced at the iPad 3 event, and it will ship one day after. The iPad 3 will most likely ship that weekend, or into the next week.

The newest Apple TV isn’t going to be the huge TV set that everyone’s been dying for, but rather similar to the current model with newer specs. The new Apple TV is rumored to pack an A5X processor, 1080p quality, Bluetooth 4.0, and the possibility of apps.

The $99 Apple TV is perhaps one of my favorite gadgets, so I certainly welcome a newer version. It is perfect for streaming Netflix, podcasts, and more whenever I want. I hope today’s rumors are coming true.

If Apple launched the third-generation Apple TV would you purchase it — even with the full TV set rumored for next year?