‘Currency Converter’ is one of the best looking Notification Center widgets

When traveling abroad, there’s just some things that you should do that are just no brainers. One of them is knowing the exchange rate between your native currency, and the currency of the country you’re travelling to.

In the old days this used to take a little legwork, i.e. reading the newspaper, going to the post office, etc. With the smartphone boom, though, currency conversion is often right at your fingertips.

As is the case with this new jailbreak widget, entitled Currency Convertor. It’s a widget that conveniently sits in iOS 5’s Notification Center for easy access…


The thing I like most about Currency Convertor is its easy to use interface, and the beauty of said interface. It’s an elegantly designed tweak that provides everything you need without any frivolous details.

It also works with Yahoo Finance to provide the most up to date exchange rates possible — you can actually have it go out and query for the current exchange rate upon your conversion.

There’s tons of different currency’s supported, and many options included in the Settings app to make your travels easier.

If you’re a big traveller, then consider Currency Convertor. I’m sure there are some nice App Store apps available that do the same thing, but none of them can compete with how easy it is to swipe down and invoke Notification Center.

Currency Convertor is $1.99 on Cydia’s BigBoss repo. Let me know what you think about it in the comments below.