Stunt Car Racer, the iPhone-controlled car

Sure, the iPhone is great for work and all, but what we really love it for is to have fun. With the amount of games and accessories that are found for the iPhone, it’s an easy thing to spend plenty of money on. We really love the ones that take it to the extreme.

From the maker of iHelicopter is a new iPhone controlled car called the Stunt Car Racer. It uses the iPhone’s accelerometer to control the car.

Check it out in action:

The Stunt Car Racer is available for $49 and is controlled by an iOS app made available for free on the iTunes App Store. The app uses a dongle that hooks into your iPhones headphone jack. It can then use its radio waves to communicate with the car up to 20 feet.

The dongle has up to three different frequencies, allowing you to race up to three cars in the same area with your friends. The Stunt Racer Car also works with the iPod touch and iPad.

The race car takes a total of 60 minutes to charge and can race for 15 minutes. We’d like to see a little longer in the racing department, but it’s a tradeoff you’ll have to settle with.

The Stunt Car Racer is available for $49 on the iHelicopter store.