Apple threatens to sue Proview over “damaging Apple’s reputation”

Apple and Proview have been in the news a lot lately for their ongoing legal battle over Proview’s trademark of the term ‘Ipad’. Many China cities have already banned the tablet, while Mainland China has yet to rule on the case. In an interesting turn of events, Apple asked Amazon China to remove the tablet from their store last week.

However this morning, a person familiar with the matter was able to get their hands on a letter Apple sent to Proview, threatening a lawsuit. In the letter, Apple claimed Proview was “damaging Apple’s reputation.”

“It is inappropriate to release information contrary to the facts to the media, especially when such disclosures have the effect of wrongfully causing damage to Apple’s reputation.” 

Proview has asked many Chinese cities to place a ban on Cupertino-based Apple’s iPad, and have been successful in many cities. Proview claims that Apple didn’t pay for use of the ‘Ipad’ trademark, however, Apple says they paid the UK-based Proview £35,000 (US$55,000) for use of the trademark. Proview says they’ll drop all legal action if Apple pays a $400 million settlement.

In typical fashion, Apple isn’t going down with out a fight. Apple has also filed their own lawsuits in China, against Proview, saying the company has made “defamatory statements” to the media that have hurt Apple’s reputation.

Apple certainly might have some ground here. Proview’s founder Yang Rongshan hasn’t been short of shy with the media.

Last week, Chinese Customs told Proview that it would be difficult to enforce a widespread ban on the iPad throughout China . However, some cities and stores have already begun enforcing it. This morning, news broke that southern China’s Huizhou would ban the iPad.

The letter can be viewed in full (Chinese) on Scribd.

Are you guys tired of the Proview news yet?

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