You can bypass Clear’s 30 character limit using Siri Dictation

Clear, the minimalistic, yet insanely stylish todo app is all the rage right now. Perhaps you’ve been enjoying it?

To maintain its simplistic look and feel, the developers imposed a 30 character limit for tasks, which is completely understandable — especially after you see what more than 30 characters looks like.

You can use Siri Dictation to outright bypass the 30 character limitation for a seemingly infinitely long task entry. Obviously this trick isn’t amongst the most practical tricks in the book, but it’s cool because, well, it can be done.


Again, it’s a pretty silly thing to do, because it makes your tasks unreadable unless you edit them, but nonetheless it can be done.

Speaking of Clear, what have been your thoughts on the app so far? Have you found that it has helped to simplify your life?

[Christine Chan]