Apple stock hits the $500 mark for the first time ever

A few days ago, we were praising Apple’s stock new records, which valued he company at more than Google and Microsoft combined. At the time, the stock was trading at about $495, which its highest price ever.

Today, and after a few days of playing around the $500 mark, the stock finally broke it, trading as high as $503.83 for a few instants…

What’s with the craziness, you might ask?

First, Apple has presented some records financial results for last quarter, which fueled the stock price more than usual. But maybe more importantly, there is a rumor going around that Apple might start paying dividends to its investors, something the company has never done before. I guess we’ll find out in a couple weeks, when Apple holds its investors meeting.

Is Apple still a good buy? I’m not Wall Street expert but I know enough about Apple and the industry to assure you that Apple still has beautiful days ahead. Buy, buy, buy!