Facebook hires former Apple marketing executive

It looks like Facebook is looking to beef up its advertising game, as reports are coming in that the social network has recently hired a former Apple marketing executive.

Rebecca Van Dyck, who worked on a number of high profile projects at Apple, including its iPhone, iPad, and iPod lines, is now Facebook’s head of global marketing…

The move is interesting for a couple of reasons. One, because Facebook doesn’t actually do that much marketing — it hasn’t had to. And two, because of what type of experience Van Dyck can bring to the company.

Here’s an excerpt from Rebecca’s recent interview with AdAge:

“[The iPhone] was something created from the outside in, by how it felt to the consumer and the user experience going through it. He gave it to the engineers and said, ‘Make it fit in there.’ It was first and foremost about the user experience and what’s important to the customer.

Apple also taught Ms. Van Dyck that her customers don’t differentiate between analog and digital experiences. “The checkout process at an Apple store is phenomenal” she said. “You’re not there thinking ‘That was a great technology experience. ‘You’re thinking that was a great experience.’ That’s our goal for everything that we do.”

Van Dyck’s education in user experience will go a long way at Facebook, as the social network recently passed the 800 million user mark. There’s also been an ongoing rumor that the company is looking to get into the hardware game at some point. Interesting.

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