iOS overtakes Mac OS in web traffic stakes

With Apple shifting more and more iPhones and iPads by the day, and the iPod touch merrily trundling along in the shadows, it doesn’t take a genius to realize that iOS is becoming a real player in just about every market. With so many people browsing the web on their tablets and smartphones, all running iOS, how long will it be before they overtake the Mac in web traffic share?

Well, according to ad company Chitika, that time has already arrived…

We shouldn’t really be so surprised. The iOS platform has been growing considerably over the last few years, with people owning iPhones that may never have contemplated buying a Mac. With new potential customers flocking to buy iPhones and iPads, it was really only a matter of time before the Mac lost out.

The move to a mobile world where iPhones and iPads become our main access point to the internet is well underway, and according to Chitika’s numbers the iOS platform overtook Mac OS during the early part of 2012. It’s a trend that has been gathering pace since September last year, and shows no sign of changing course.

Huge iPhone 4S sales could well be a contributing factor to the increase in iOS share of web traffic over that period, and with a new iPad on the horizon, we don’t see things changing a great deal any time soon. With our worlds becoming more and more mobile, and web sites moving to accommodate mobile users with special versions of their sites designed for smaller screens, many of us are using tablets and phones as our window to the internet.

Do you use your iOS devices for browsing the web, or is that something that is still very much a job for your computer?