How to Use Activator Actions Via Terminal

Let’s just chalk TerminalActivator into the “I do it just because I can” category.

TerminalActivator, as its name might suggest, allows you to execute Activator actions via a terminal emulator.

It works well, but the developer is obviously targeting a very small audience. Full video demonstration inside…


The only reason I could see using TerminalActivator, is if you wanted to perform automated commands from the terminal that you otherwise wouldn’t be able to do, or wouldn’t be able to do without using an extremely lengthy set of commands.

TerminalActivator makes executing commands, launching apps, adjusting toggles, and more, extremely simple via a terminal. You can use any terminal, Mobile Terminal, Prompt, whatever you fancy.

TerminalActivator is definitely a niche tweak, but nonetheless, at least it’s interesting. It could be worth your time if you seek to run automated commands via terminal, or if you just want to experiment creating batch commands.

What would you use it for?