Apple Lists iPhone 4S as “In Stock” on Its Online Store

Since the iPhone 4S became available in October, it has yet to see an “in stock” label on Apple’s Online Store. Earlier this month Apple moved to 3-5 days, as supply was still a little tight. Today however, things have changed, and Apple is now listing the iPhone 4S as “in stock” for all sizes and carriers.

Selling 37 million iPhones in Q1 2012, Apple was having trouble keeping up with demand. It’s unclear how many of the 37 million were 4S’s, but it was obviously a majority…

In their earnings call last week, Apple’s CEO Tim Cook explained that supply restraints were a huge factor in iPhone sales for the quarter. Luckily, Cook said that supply is picking up into the Q2 March quarter.

Apple replaced the label “shipping within 24 hours” that you used to see, with the label “in stock” that you now see.

It’s great to see you can now order online without much wait, for most countries. You can also always march down to your local Apple Store to pick up the beloved iPhone 4S even quicker. And perhaps using the Apple Store app to request pick-up might even make the¬†experience¬†that much easier.