Conductive Gloves to Help You Operate Your iPhone in Freezing Tempertures

iPhone accessories aren’t just limited to cases and screen protectors — they go way beyond that. The multi-billion dollar industry consists of products ranging from speaker docks to styli, and everything in between.

Even these new conductive mittens from Mujjo fall into the category. The gloves are knitted with a fabric filled with silver-coated nylon fibers, making them compatible with most common touchscreen-enabled devices…

But there are already several iPhone-compatible gloves on the market, so what makes Mujjo’s product so special? Well unlike most gloves, Mujjo’s mittens allow you to interact with a touchscreen device using any part of your covered hand — not just the finger tips.

Judging by this video from the folks over at tech2vids, the Mujjo gloves seem to work rather well:


If you’re interested in Mujjo’s touchscreen gloves, you can purchase them from the company’s online store for about $30 (or 25 euro). It looks like they only come in one color, gunmetal grey, and just a couple of sizes. But if you’re in the market for this kind of thing, they look like a safe bet.

What do you think of Mujjo’s gloves?