How to Make Siri Respond With a “Yes?”

I’ve received numerous questions, emails, and comments asking about one simple Siri feature. How do you make her say “Yes?”

Many have seen Siri say “yes?” on our videos after being invoked, and are curious as to how to go about replicating it.

The answer, is Hands-Free Control, a jailbreak tweak that we’ve covered in depth at iDownloadBlog. We’ve created a special video that shows you how to use this jailbreak tweak to make Siri more obedient, at least in theory; check it out…


Literally, all you have to do is install Hands-Free Control, and enable the “Voice Response” setting. It will ask you to respring, but I’ve found in the past that a reboot also helps in getting it to work.

Thankfully, the developers just updated Hands-Free control, so it seems that it’s a bit easier to whip Siri into shape now; all it takes is a respring.

How is your assistant behaving? Let us know in the comments.