CDevReporter Jailbreak Tweak Automatically Sends iOS Crash Reports to Chronic Dev Team

Several weeks ago we told you about the Chronic Dev Team’s Crash Reporter desktop tool. Jailbreakers can download and install the package to redirect iOS crash reports from iTunes to the Chronic Dev Team hackers. The reports are then used to find exploits and help further jailbreak research.

A new Cydia tweak has surfaced that automatically sends crash reports to the Chronic Dev Team from your iOS device. CDevReporter is available for free can be installed on any jailbroken iOS device today.

Developed by Luke Young, CDevReporter runs as a background daemon in iOS and sends crash reports to the Chronic Dev Team’s private servers. The tweak is smart enough to sleep and not drain battery life until a new crash report is created. It’s available in the BigBoss repo for all jailbroken iOS devices.

Over 10 million crash reports have already been sent to the Chronic Dev Team from the desktop tool, and CDevReporter will hopefully help send many more. You don’t have to do anything once you’ve installed CDevReporter — just enable it in the Settings app. Let the daemon do its job, and you can have the peace of mind that you’re helping to create future jailbreaks for iOS 5.

[Image: Kok Hean]