iEagleEye Adds Extra Image Options to Safari And Mail

The image selection menu in Safari and Mail just got a lot more interesting. iEagleEye is a jailbreak tweak that adds a numerous amount of new options to image selection — options such as Google Images, opening in new tab, copying the image URL, and more.

If you’re looking to make your iOS experience more like a desktop experience when it comes to images, then you might want to give iEagleEye a look.


iEagleEye adds the following new options to the image selection menu:

  • Copy Image URL
  • Open Image in New Tab
  • Google Images
  • TinEye
  • ImgOps

Basically, you can do a whole lot more than you could before when it comes to images. If you’re a photographer, or someone who likes to blog on the go, then this could be a worthy companion jailbreak tweak for you.

iEagleEye can be had for $0.99 on Cydia’s BigBoss repo, and it’s compatible with jailbroken devices running iOS 4 or iOS 5.

Does this look like the sort of tweak that you’d find useful?