SpringPod: Add Individual Music Controls to Your Springboard

Adding individual music controls to your Home screen in the form of app icons is nothing new in the world of jailbreaking. But SpringPod brings a slightly different approach, and few more customization options to the table than previous tweaks.

Along with play/pause controls, SpringPod brings previous, next, rewind, fast forward, and volume functions directly to your iPhone’s Springboard. But is it worth the $0.99 asking price?


Personally, I’d say no. I don’t listen to enough music as it is, and I definitely don’t like the idea of cluttering up my Springboard with a bunch of icons that I can easily invoke from the app switcher anyway.

That’s not to say that there’s no one who would enjoy SpringPod. It does have some nice options, like the ability to theme the music controls with three built-in theme layouts. It also features Activator options for bringing up certain details about your ‘now playing’ track.

Still, with all of the various ways we can interact with our Music app, even from a iOS default perspective, it’s hard to see where a tweak like SpringPod fits into the equation. I’m sure someone will find it useful, but it just wasn’t for me.

What about you? How would you use SpringPod?