iOS Finishes 2011 With 52% Share of Mobile Web Browsing

Apple’s iOS platform finished 2011 with a strong showing in the mobile web browsing department, with iPhones, iPads, and iPod touches combining to capture 52.1% of mobile devices accessing the web.

Apple was top of the list in 2011 with over half of all devices. Jave ME came second with 21.3% share, while Google’s Android took third, coming in with a respectable 16.2% share.

The numbers, courtesy of Net Applications, show iOS actually dropping in share when compared to November (54%) and October (61.5%), although December’s result was not Apple’s lowest of the year…

When the results are broken down into iPhone vs. iPad, Apple’s tablet found itself the second most-popular mobile device for browsing the web with a 24.5% share. The vert top spot went to the iPhone with 25.2%.

Apple’s dominance in the mobile market should come as no surprise, with the iPhone selling like hotcakes and no tablet manufacturer having yet managed to put out a real competitor to the iPad.

Amazon may be the closest thing to competition for Apple’s tablet this time next year, depending on how well its offering manages to execute on the potential of its Kindle Fire machine. Early reports are that the company has landed short of expectations, though we wouldn’t rule the Kindle Fire out just yet.

We’ll be watching to see if similar stats are released this time next year.