Google Pulls Fake Siri Android App from Android Market

It seems that someone at Google has been pretty busy. You may remember how we told you about “Siri for Android,” an app on Google’s Android Market which claimed to be just what the name suggested.

Siri has obviously has not been ported to Android, as the app was discovered to merely be a shortcut with a Siri-like icon that pointed to Google’s own built-in voice recognition engine. The app’s developer also called itself “Official App,” which was clearly designed to confuse people into thinking the app was, well, official.

Google has since taken note, and the offending app is now gone from the Android Market…

Not content with removing just the offending app, Google has also removed the developer’s only other app. Claiming to be an official Pinterest app, the second app was merely a link to the Pinterest mobile web site. Now both apps have been taken off the Market, the “Official App” developer finds itself out in the cold with no apps available.

Since Android is so “open”, there is nothing stopping people from downloading the apps via other means, though the fact they are no longer available in the Market means that less people will download them, which is a good thing in our eyes.

Well done, Google.