App Picks of the Week: Kicksend, Discovr Movies, Localscope

It’s that time of the week! We frequently comb the far reaches of the App Store to bring you awesome apps for your downloading pleasure.

This week, we’ve got a new file-sharing tool, movie finder, and updated location/navigation app for the iPhone. We hope you enjoy this week’s picks!


The long-awaited Kicksend app for the iPhone has finally arrived, and it brings with it 100MB of free storage. Kicksend allows you to take the photos and videos on your iPhone and send them to your friends across different platforms.

Like Dropbox, Kicksend delivers the media you upload in realtime to whoever you’re sharing with. Users that don’t have the Kicksend app can get a link in a email to download the files. There’s also web and desktop apps to integrate with the iPhone. Kicksend is made for sending batch collections of things like photos, while the iPhone can only send 20 photos at a time over email natively.

Kicksend is available for free in the App Store, and it’s a great alternative for sharing files on the go.

Discovr Movies

We told you about Discovr’s app for delivering App Store recommendations awhile ago, and the same company has just released a similar iOS app for delivering movie recommendations. Discovr Movies offers a unique interface for finding over 1.5 million movies on your iPhone or iPad.

The app is designed to help you find which movie you want to watch, and you can drill down through different recommendations to find the perfect pick. Discovr works great for App Store recommendations, so we’re sure that the movie algorithm is just as good. Once you find a movie, you can see all kinds of details (synopsis, cast info, etc.) and see how to watch it. There are also sharing features with social networks like Facebook and Twitter.

You can download Discovr Movies for free in the App Store.


In our original review of Localscope, we called it “one of the best location/navigation apps for the iPhone.” The creators of Localscope have released version 2.0, and there are many new improvements to this already-great app.

Localscope 2.0 takes on networks like Foursquare by offering geotagged photos and videos from media sources and people around you. Services like Instagram, Facebook, and YouTube display location-aware photos and videos of the places you visit.

The app has been rewritten from the ground-up and is way faster. New interface designs, added sharing options, more gesture support, and iPhone 4S-optimization are just a few of the reasons that you should download Localscope. It’s truly one of the best navigation/location apps around.

Localscope is available for $1.99 in the App Store.

That’s it for this week’s picks! Let us know what you think of these apps in the comments below.